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Michael Tamblyn, the CEO of Kobo, provides the most compelling argument to date about why indie authors need to go wide. Spoiler: You don’t want one algorithm to run your life. Michael discusses the origin story of Kobo and Kobo Writing Life and his own unique career path that led him to where he is today. He also talks about how indie authors have been excellent at exploiting opportunities as the eBook market shifts.

Michael and Chrissy chat about how Kobo Writing Life came to be, and why Tamblyn believes that Kobo can fight alongside giants such as Google, Amazon and Apple. Listen to hear all this and more:

  • Tamblyn’s unique journey from music composer to bookseller––and why he is so perfectly well suited to his current role
  • How Kobo caught that first wave of eReader and eBook adoption
  • Why readers and book lovers need to choose Kobo over all other online retailers
  • Why authors should be publishing widely and the inherent danger of exclusivity in publishing
  • The future of books and what we’ve learned from years of studying reading data (spoiler alert: books aren’t going anywhere)
  • The importance of reader feedback––a company of book lovers serving book lovers!
  • The future of Kobo and what we’ve learned from Kobo Plus
  • Why Tamblyn spent 90 days binging on romance novels!
  • The many, many reasons he loves indie authors!

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