Learn how to combat writer’s block or any type of creative block with Mythulu creation cards. Creator Laura Crenshaw talks about the creative process involved in creating these cards and how the first year running her business has influenced the way she now writes. Laura also gives tips on starting your own business and where she sees Mythulu growing in the coming years. 

  • Laura talks about how Harry Potter nurtured her love for stories and why she is drawn to writing her own stories.
  • As the creator of Mythulu creation cards, Laura gives listeners an overview of what Mythulu is. It is 150 cards separated into 6 categories.
    • These 6 categories are the basic elements needed to assemble a story: Elements, characters, habitats, relationships, traits and textures 
    • “When you write a story, you have the heart and soul of the story you want to tell and along the way you have sideline details you need to fill in. These details do not necessarily matter but they need to be interesting.” 
    • These details are what separate an okay story into something amazing. 
  • These cards can be used to break out of writer’s block, deepening your story, introspection and have been used by game designers, improv actors, and artists. 
  • Laura shares her advice for starting your own business. She believes that you must stay in touch with your customers.
  • Laura also gives her tip for being a better writer: “If you want to be a better writer you need to be a better person.” 

Find more about Mythulu here: https://mythulu.com/

Purchase cards here:http://mythulu.com/product-category/core/

Laura Crenshaw is a fantasy novelist and former ghostwriter. To deepen her stories, she regularly seeks immersive, challenging life experiences. She’s a primitive wilderness survival expert, a NOLS-trained wilderness first responder, and decent archer. When she’s not making fire from friction blindfolded, she uses her Business Entrepreneurship degree and Mythulu to help other authors find the stories they were born to tell.

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