Have you ever wondered if a book trailer would be right for your next novel? This week on the KWL podcast, Marina and Stephanie chatted with Adam Cushman, the founder of Film 14, about the benefits of creating a cinematic book trailer.

Adam explains how he got into filmmaking, explaining that he was a storyteller from a very young age. He created Film 14 when a friend asked him to do a book trailer for a self-published book.

He noticed the gap in the market and was soon approached by other authors who wanted to create trailers for their books. From there, he saw the opportunity to create a business.

He details the process of creating a book trailer from start to finish; working with the author at every stage. He explains that the format is incredibly versatile, and trailers or short films can be adapted for any genre.

The trailers can be shared across multiple platforms and used as part of your marketing campaign. It can also be a great way to showcase your book to film producers.

Click on the link above to hear more about book trailers, and we definitely recommend checking out the trailers online!

Adam Cushman is the Founder of Film 14, a book trailer studio in Los Angeles. He is the director of the feature films Restraint and The Maestro. His books include the novel CUT and Critically Acclaimed. His short stories have appeared in various literary journals.


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