Retired police officer, Brent Pilkey joins us to talk about his time as a beat cop for one of the roughest areas of Toronto, and how this experience influenced his writing. Brent discusses the genesis of his Rage series and how he decides which areas of being an officer should be excluded from his novels. Brent also discusses his writing process and what readers can expect from him next.

  • Brent worked as a police officer in Toronto for 27 years, including 3 years in the Crisis Intervention Team, where officers are paired with nurses to respond and aid in mental health related cases.
  • Now having moved to Costa Rica after retiring, Brent tells us about how his writing has shifted and adapted to his new backdrop. He also talks about his experience working in one of the toughest areas of Toronto over the past few decades.
  • Brent tells us about his early days of writing, including facing some backlash from people within his own circles and potential censorship. He discusses the idea of not being “politically correct” as one of the ways to portray a more accurate depiction of daily interactions in this role in a crime setting.
  • We get a bit of insight into the transition Brent went through from traditional publishing into self-publishing. We get a glimpse into how Brent works towards finding the balance between writing, which is his true passion, and the many other facets within the self publishing journey, including marketing initiatives and cover design. Asking for help is good!
  • We hear tips for writers looking to write crime fiction and how to research for it, including reaching out to him! He talks about how to write good books by also reading bad books.




Brent Pilkey is a retired police officer who has spent the majority of his career patrolling downtown streets and working on a mobile crisis team. He made use of his 27 years experience in writing the Rage Series, which also includes Lethal Rage and Savage Rage.




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Author Website: http://www.brentpilkey.com

Email: brentpilkeynauthor @ gmail . com

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