In this episode, Chrissy and Stephanie sit down with virtual assistant and CMO of Book+Main, Melissa Saneholtz. Melissa tells listeners how she got her start as an author virtual assistant and what a VA can do for an author. Melissa also talks about Book+Main and its role as an online community for readers to find their next book in an authentic way:

  • Melissa explains how she fostered her relationships with both authors and fellow readers as a way to kickstart her career as a VA.
  • Melissa now has worked with 154 authors (and counting)!
  • She goes into more details about Book+Main and how the company is disrupting the industry by providing a more open approach to finding your next read.
  • Some insights into how romance readers are unique!
  • We go over the average day for an author VA and all the varying tasks she might tackle: from organizing calendars, publicist work, creating media kits, prioritizing projects, and tons more!
  • Some of the random and weird requests she has received in the past.
  • Melissa breaks down how VAs usually charge for their services and also the kind of value they can bring into the self-publishing process for authors.
  • Chrissy asks for tips on how to find the right VA for you and how to break into the industry as a VA.

image001Melissa got her start in the publishing community as a blogger and quickly realized that she wanted to help further, eventually taking a job as a virtual assistant. After a few months, she decided to put her public relations and marketing skills to work and launched a PR and marketing company dedicated to authors. With a healthy Rolodex and extensive knowledge of the publishing industry, she jumped on board to act as the CSO for Book+Main, Inc in 2017. Book+Main is a content-based social media community, specific to romance that lets you follow your favorite authors and discover new ones.

Book+Main: https://www.bookandmain.com/

Book +Main Twitter: https://twitter.com/bookandmain

Melissa’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/SassyMelis3



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