In this week’s episode, Cristina sits down with author and podcast producer Amanda Cupido to talk about her book Let’s Talk Podcasting: The Essential Guide to Doing it Right. Amanda talks about how she got into podcasts, the difference between podcasts and older media such as radio, and she discusses the underrepresented voices in the podcasting community. Amanda also shares her tips for starting your own podcast and the most common roadblock that aspiring podcasters encounter.

  • Amanda talks about how she got into producing podcasts and why she calls herself an “Audio Storyteller”.
  • Amanda talks about the freedom of podcasting and how she loves that she has the ability to choose which great stories and content get to be longer than others.
  • She provides tips for anyone interested in starting their own podcast such as:
    • Listen to podcasts!
    • Do not limit yourself to a certain format and allow your creativity to guide you.
    • Be mindful of what content you want to share and what is the best way to share it.
  • Amanda talks about her favourite podcasts and also discusses listening to podcast to get a grasp of the current podcast landscape.
  • Amanda also discusses the underrepresented voices in the podcast world and what communities she believes need more representation.
  • And more!

Amanda’s Podcasts: http://www.amandacupido.com/#/podcasting/

Amanda is a communications professional who enjoys working with leaders and organizations that strive to have a positive social impact. She has experience leading video production teams, developing social media strategies and executing global campaigns. However, her roots are in audio production; after starting her career in radio journalism, she quickly realized the power of audio storytelling. Now, she’s an award-winning podcast producer, an instructor at Seneca College’s School of Media and the author of Let’s Talk Podcasting: The Essential Guide to Doing it Right

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