By Elizabeth Jennings and Tiziana D’Oppido

The Indie Unconference, Europe will take place in April 11–13 2019 in Matera, Italy

SPECIAL GUESTS: Camille Mofidi and Sandra Lonchamp of Kobo Writing Life, via video conference call

Ricardo Fayet of Reedsy

Dan Wood of Draft2Digital

Elena Tafuni, media agent specialized in books to film and TV

Maria Connor – author assistant

Indie publishing is an enormous boon to writers. An indie writer has complete creative freedom and enjoys most of the earnings generated, as opposed to the small percentage traditional publishing offers the creator of the book. A book can be brought to market as soon as it is ready, whereas there is often a time lag of years in traditional publishing.

          However, an indie writer is also expected to produce a book that is as crisply edited, carefully proofed, with an attractive and market-appropriate cover and a solid marketing plan in place as the books produced by traditional publishers who have thousands of experts to call upon.

What’s an indie writer/publisher to do? How to compete?

The great strength of the indie community is that it IS a community. There is and has been since the very beginning, an ethos of help and sharing of market data in the indie community.

One of the great helps for the indie community have been Indie Unconferences—gatherings of writers at all stages of their writing journey, meeting in an unstructured way exclusively to help each other. The ‘Unconference’ part of the Indie Unconference ensures that whatever your needs or questions, they will be answered because the Unconference is open to its members’ needs. No one outside the conference attendees sets the agenda, nobody decides what you discuss besides you.

There have been several Indie Unconferences in the United States and we are organizing the very first European Indie Unconference to help indie writers on both sides of theAtlantic—and further afield, as we will have people from Australia and New Zealand as well. It is a big world of readers and we want our books to be read by as many as possible.

The Unconference will be held in Matera, Italy from April 11-13, 2019. Those attending the Paris RARE can fly straight down on a direct flight. The Unconference will be held in an amazingly cool venue, Area 8.

There is no conference fee, but we do charge €60 for use of the venue. The Unconference will be held in English.

Matera is an amazingly beautiful and fascinating city with divine food and wine. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, per Italian statistics, the safest city in Italy.

If you are serious about your indie career, you should definitely plan on attending the first European Indie Unconference where you will learn a lot, share what you know, network with industry pros and make lifelong friends.

See you in Matera, which in 2019 will be the European Capital of Culture, from April 11-13, 2019 for the veryfirst Indie Unconference in Europe!!

Here you will find more information on the Indie Unconference and how to register:

Facebook Groups

Indie Unconference – Europe has 209 members. Interested in being a part of Indie Unconference Europe (April 11-13, 2019)? Then you’re in the right place. Here’s where we’ll plan our event.

What is an Indie Unconference?

Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have questions!

Contact Elizabeth Jennings at elizabethmjennings@gmail.com

Contact Tiziana D’Oppido at tizido@hotmail.com

See you in Matera!

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