Happy New Year from us all at Kobo Writing Life!

As we leave 2018 behind, let’s take a moment to celebrate and revisit some of the best blog posts published last year.

Sarina Bowen on writing romance in 2018

Amid the furore of the #MeToo movement, Sarina Bowen wrote a fantastic piece on the gendered politics of romance writing––and the potential for astonishing success within the genre.

Romance Writers Don’t Need Your Love—They’re Too Busy Making Bank

Rebecca Diem on inspiring others to write

Rebecca Diem returns to her elementary school library to speak to a group of young writers and reflects on her own origins as a writer. This is such a lovely reflection and well worth reading if you missed it the first time!

Where Did Your Writing Journey Begin?

Grace Burrowes explains why librarians are an author’s secret weapon

We just love hearing Overdrive success stories! Grace Burrowes explained why she places so much value on engaging with library readers.

Why Library Discovery is the Best Discovery

Adam Croft explains how tweaking his marketing strategy skyrocketed his career

Another KWL rockstar, Adam Croft, with valuable advice on coming up with a winning elevator pitch for his title. 

How Generating a Super-Marketable Hook Has Transformed My Career—Twice

Susan Kaye Quinn on finding your power and the freedom of indie publishing

Susan Kaye Quinn wrote an incredible piece for international woman’s day on finding her power as an indie writer:

Empowering Women Writers Through Self-Publishing

Julie Strauss on learning how to write a great newsletter

The wonderful Julie Strauss wrote about how she learned not to attempt a façade and simply to be authentic when engaging with her readers. (You should also check out her blog at https://juliewroteabook.com/blog/)

Be Authentic: How To Build Relationships With Readers

Rachel Amphlett explains how to plan for success as an author

Rachel Amphlett offers some incredibly valuable advice on treating your writing like a business, with actionable steps to help you grow your readership and increase sales––a perfect refresher to kick off your new year!

Plan To Succeed: How To Give Yourself The Best Start As An Indie Author

We’re excited to keep sharing your stories and advice in 2019! I’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see more of on the blog––and if you have your own story to share, please do send me an email!

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