In this episode, Chrissy interviews international best-selling author Adam Croft. Adam talks to us about rethinking his writing career and the success that started once he started considering his writing as a business. He talks about the importance about writing continually, book design, using ads and thinking long term for your career. He also talks to us about giving back to the indie author community with his title, The Indie Author Mindset.

  • Adam Croft writes crime fiction and psychological thrillers. He has written 24 books and has been in the publishing business for 8 years.
  • Adam and Chrissy discuss how he used his small business knowledge to shift his author career from a hobby to a business.
  • They also chat about how he keeps his focus on writing by having a support network and delegating certain aspects of his business.
  • He explains why––despite his background in graphic design––he doesn’t design his own covers.
  • Why he doesn’t believe in exclusivity and chooses to distribute widely.
  • His secrets for success; including Bookbub ads, the Kobo promotion tab, and the value of human connection in small business.
  • How he has started using social media and new platforms to engage with readers and network with other authors.
  • How he handles work-life balance and writing while raising a small child, and how he and his wife work together on his publishing business.
  • And lots more! Let us know what you think, and please do leave us a rating on iTunes!


With more than a million books sold to dateAdam Croft is one of the most successful independently published authors in the world, and one of the biggest selling authors of the past year.

You can find him on twitter at @adamcroft and his podcast , follow him on Instagram or check out his website, adamcroft.net.



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