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The KWL Cover Contest 2018: Week 3––MYSTERY/THRILLER

Week three, and our final fiction cover poll; with ten more beautiful book covers! Choose your favourite and let us know your thoughts below!

Happy voting!





20 Responses to “The KWL Cover Contest 2018: Week 3––MYSTERY/THRILLER”

  1. J R in WV

    Where the heck do you go to vote? totally lame web design!!!

    Voting for Eat, Prey, Love

  2. Ronald K. Myers

    Do not like any of the covers shown. Naturally I believe my covers for Impossible Gold and Dillinger’s Deception are much more appealing.

  3. Jenai Rothnie

    Tough! However, my criteria for a great cover is generally that it must be:
    – Legible, even in thumbnail (sorry pretty script fonts!)
    – Cue me in as to the genre
    – Capture my eye with innovative color choices or design
    – Compel me to read the book

    For those reasons, I chose ‘Death by Drama.’ It’s legible and clear as to genre and looks interesting even in the tiny thumbnail version, and the illustration style is unique.

  4. Sherry Brown

    Good luck Laura Durham for the great book cover for EAT, PREY, LOVE!

  5. KateBaxter

    The cover to, “The Secrets of Palerston House” really captured my imagination. I’m looking forward to p@@king under the covers 😉

  6. Tod Owens

    Love Laura Durham’s cover. The bride image is a real captivating eyecatcher. Tod Owens


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