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Keep reading to learn more about Chrishaun and her experience in the indie world, and get your questions ready!

If I have an addiction worth mentioning it will be a long-abiding love of bacon.

And stories.

The former is highly immaterial, but worth noting just the same.

A well-crafted story, on the other hand, is just delightful, and the most effective way of catching a wild Chrishaun when she appears!

Great storytelling transcends genre and can tap into our lives.

Stories give us a place to express our wildest dreams. We can see ourselves reflected in fictional characters: that friend who can’t resist an adventure, the nephew who can’t help but tell the truth, or your mother who they say could outrun any cop in the county where she grew up (but has now found Jesus and denies everything).

I created the Shaman States of America universe to tell as many stories as there are voices to tell them. In the SSoA, 2% of the world’s population can see monsters and have organized themselves by region to protect NPC’s (non-powered citizens) from them.

In Austin alone, that amounts to over 190,000 people who eat tacos; listen to live music at Austin City Limits; and avoid the tourists that descend for South by SouthWest®––just like the rest of us.

But unlike the rest of us, their primary objective in life is to hunt the city’s monsters. How does this change the way they live?

Would it look the same way in Knoxville, TN in the year 2000? Or St James Parish, LA in the 1980s, New England in 1886, or Seattle today?

I asked some of the best storytellers I know to answer that question, and the Shaman States was born.

And readers have responded in droves, sending us to the top of bestseller lists in our categories.

I look forward to taking over Kobo Writing Life to talk about universe building for multi-genres, co-authoring, the full-time writing life, and taking care of your writing life!

See you soon! I have bacon to make!

DSCF4277Chrishaun Keller-Hanna is a USA Today Bestselling author and creator of the Shaman States of American Universe. The multi-genre universe includes the Beauty Bubble cozy mystery series, the urban fantasy Mantle series with WT Meadows, the magic-punk PNR Steelheads series with James Orisis Baldwin and historical paranormal mystery Curious Case Files series with Cate Morgan.

Chrishaun can be found on Instagram at @allazaruniverse practicing her craft, doing self-care, playing video games, eating great food and building models and IKEA furniture.

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