By Marina Ferreira

Hello everyone! I have another quick literary round up for you today. Hope you’ve had a great and productive week working on your novels! Here at Kobo HQ we have been working hard towards our #Kobowrimo word counts! As of today, we sit at 201,037 words as a group! How have you been doing?

Another super exciting piece of news: The KWL 2018 Cover Contest has started! This week, you can vote for your favourite Romance cover. If you’d like to vote, check out the complete post here, with some super swoony picks!


For your wholesome fix of the week, check out this story on LitHub about a new reading program called Barbershop Books, created “to increase the out-of-school reading time among black boys and to help young black boys identify as readers.”


In some super sad news, we have a couple of departures that will surely be missed worldwide.

Stan Lee, creator of the Marvel universe and trailblazer in the graphic novel industry, passed on the 12th at 95 years old. Vice shares what probably was his final video appearance, a love letter to his fans:

Watch Stan Lee’s Heartfelt Final Message to His Fans

After Stan Lee passed away at 95 on Monday, leaving behind a legacy of allyship and an unmatched influence on comic book culture, his fans flooded the web with loving tributes to the man behind Marvel’s most iconic superheroes.

William Goldman has passed away at 87. You may know him as the author of the incredibly beloved The Princess Bride. Here is a touching look at his life and writing over the years, from Crime Reads.


To inspire you today, here’s a list by LitHub of 20 debut works of fiction by women over 40. It’s never late to get started!


This Wednesday the winners of the 2018 National Book Awards were announced! Check out the report from NPR on how the night went!

Sigrid Nunez, Elizabeth Acevedo Among 2018 National Book Award Winners

On a rather frigid night in New York City, hours after sundown, a constellation of the U.S. publishing industry’s bright lights gathered at the National Book Awards to honor their brightest this year – and to put forth a fiery defense of the possibilities of their medium.

Any Harry Potter fans here? With the Crimes of Grindelwald movie out today, The Guardian’s Sian Cain reflects on the publishing of scripts to be sold as books and how readers are willing to buy J.K.Rowling’s work in any format:


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