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The KWL Cover Contest 2018: Week 1––ROMANCE

By Joni Di Placido


As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to celebrate some of the best covers of 2018! We’re going to be voting weekly for the best covers in four categories: Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy; Mystery/Thriller and Nonfiction. First prize is the fabulous Kobo Forma eReader, so the stakes are high!

First up are our ROMANCE finalists!

Please scroll through to see full size image, share on all your social channels, and vote below by clicking on the option on the poll! Please comment and tell us what you love about each cover below!

Thanks for voting!



14 Responses to “The KWL Cover Contest 2018: Week 1––ROMANCE”

    • kobowritinglife

      Thanks for commenting Maddie! Make sure you click on the poll too 🙂

  1. Kathryn Haydon

    I have chosen ‘Echoes of Time’ by Anne Allen because the cover is evocative & atmospheric. Made me pick up the book and drew me into the story.

  2. Jeanne Wallace

    A Love So Sweet” because the cover is sweet and not the usual clutching couple – but is simple and complex like the story.

  3. Melissa Baade

    Very difficult choice, Echoes of Time makes you want to crawl right into the cover and join in the walk along the shore, any body of water is a calming source for me.🌊

    A Love So Sweet, first with that schoolgirl flower petal, “he loves me, he loves me not” 💖🌼crush, then the subtle promise of that “something more, 💋something forbidden”, you’ve teased and tantalized the readers into having to HAVE to read this NOW!

    And lastly, The Zig Zag Road to Happy. I’m an absolute sucker 🍭 for any, and I mean pretty much ANY “Based on a true story” or “Based on true events” book, movie, … it could almost be a comic book and if it said those magic words, I’d pick it first to read. The cover makes me think of one of my favorite movies, my husband calls it a “cry movie”. We don’t have the classification of “chic flicks” in our house any longer, it’s either, comedy, action, anime 🤯, or a “Mom” movie, which according to my husband, and the Y chromosome offspring we managed to raise, will be either a romance or a CRY movie. Back to the book cover, it reminds me of the closing scene from the movie, Me Before You, where the character Louisa/Lou is walking along the Pont Alexandre III, a bridge in Paris. Louis is wearing her most prized possession and gift from Will, her yellow and black stripey bumblebee tights, and she is walking towards her new life.

  4. Annette van Vliet

    I voted for ‘A Vicarage Wedding’ because it is all Romance! I love the colours of the cover, the girl in the wedding dress, the tiny houses and the lovely flowers

  5. Teri Case

    There are so many eye-catching covers to choose from, but I did make a choice. Congratulations to all of the nominees. Romance is such a broad category and your work stood out!

    • kobowritinglife

      I love that every cover is quite different! Some really great work.


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