In this episode, Stephanie sits down with New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Eve Langlais. Eve talks to us about being a hybrid author, why she loves writing romance novels and how she balances being creative while working on the business side of publishing. Eve also chats about why she created the conference Romancing the Capital, and gives tips for authors and readers nervous about attending their first conference.

  • Eve’s author story: after starting out with a small (traditional) press, why she made the decision to try publishing independently, and difference experiences of both.
  • The advantage of having a big backlist; countered with the challenge of managing reader expectations for those who are fans of a certain sub genre.
  • Which parts of publishing she does herself and which jobs she outsources––the importance of knowing your strengths.
  • Why she started the Romancing the Capital conference in 2015, after realizing there was a gap in the market for Canadian authors.
  • Creating an immersive experience for both authors and readers; bringing together a balanced group of authors with a strong Canadian presence.
  • The draw of the “Happily Ever After” and how that sparked Eve’s love of writing romance.
  • Advice for authors attending their first conferences––take part in everything; speak to other authors and find your tribe!


AuthorPicEve Langlais is New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Canadian author who writes hot romance with a bit of a twist. She is hybrid published through her own indie published titles, some small e-publishers, and a deal with St. Martin’s Press.

Eve has a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor. She is well-known for her shifter stories, but also is partial to demons, aliens, and cyborgs. Despite her adventurous stories, she swears that she is boring as a stay at home mom juggling three kids, a hubby, housework, and a mean game of Candy Crush.

You can check out her website, and follow her on twitter, facebook and instagram!

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