Hi Marina! We’re really happy to have you on board! Can you tell our authors a little about yourself?

Hello! My name is Marina, and I have recently joined the wonderful KWL family as the new Author Engagement Intern! I work alongside the team ensuring our indie authors have everything they need at their fingertips to succeed with publishing on the Kobo platform.

I studied Journalism at Ryerson University and International Business at Sheridan College, with a minor in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving in Business in partnership with the State University of New York. I am currently completing a Publishing post-grad certificate at Ryerson University.

I moved to Canada from Brazil with my family when I was younger and have since also lived in the Netherlands for 6 months. I wish I could say I have super interesting hobbies but I have to admit reading (and watching Netflix) consume a big chunk of my free time! I’m on the no-pineapple-on-pizza team, but also on the hot-sauce-on-everything team.


Do you have a background in publishing?

I started as a content creator (blogger and booktuber) and then very quickly decided that I could combine my passion for reading with my international business degree. I then enrolled in a post-grad certificate in Publishing, where I was able to finally see the industry from a different lens and learn tons! A few months after I had started the certificate, I had the opportunity to intern at Penguin Random House Canada in the publicity department, where I worked alongside authors in events, media appearances, festivals, and even pitching some of the Canadian titles to media in other countries. I was able to work alongside some amazing publicists and also people from other departments, since publishing is a very collaborative realm. About a month after my internship ended I started at Kobo! In the meantime, I have also been working as a bookseller part-time and volunteering at festivals and literary events in Toronto. I also do freelance work in social media and digital content.

What are you most excited about doing with KWL?

I’m really looking forward to experiencing publishing from a completely new perspective. Kobo is a great mixture of publishing and technology which makes this a very unique place to work at! I can’t wait to connect with and discover new authors, as I haven’t had a chance to explore as much of the indie side as I would have hoped to.  I’m also very excited about working on some content for the blog and helping with our podcast, Kobo Writing Life.

Favourite book/genre to read?

I’m a varied reader. Some of my favourite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, literary/contemporary, romance, mystery, paranormal, nonfiction/essays, literary criticism, poetry . . . the list goes on. I think the only genre I really stay away from is horror, but only because I am very easily scared! I’d say Agatha Christie has been my favourite author for a long time; she was the first author I devoured when I was a young teen, as per recommendation from my grandma.

What’s the last audiobook you listened to?

I recently went back to an old favourite, Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number. I find her books are like sweet treats, except I have no problem indulging. I am now catching up on one of my favourite series by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling), with the audiobook version of Lethal White which follows a detective named Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott and the super interesting cases they solve—it’s been adapted by the BBC and I highly recommend it! I’m also excited to listen to the new Deborah Harkness’ Time’s Convert as well.

Any random fun facts about you?

  • I was born in the Amazon! No wonder snakes scare me so much . . .
  • I love true crime podcasts and I like to consider them my current training, so I can eventually start reading into the horror category.
  • I used to work making bubble bath products! I still find glitter around the house and car every so often . . .
  • I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan! I always have at least one of the games going on a different device. Currently, I’m exploring Breath of the Wild (I like to take my time!).


Any questions for Marina? Comment below!


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