The Kobo Writing Life team is excited to announce our latest author takeover on September 21st 2018. From 1:00 pm-2:00 pm EST, our author takeover host, Carrie Ann Ryan, will be answering all your questions on the Kobo Writing Life Facebook page.
If you can’t make the takeover, feel free to comment here with your questions and we can ask them for you!
Keep reading to learn more about Carrie Ann and her experience in the indie author world, and get your questions ready! 

Hey, Carrie Ann! When did you start self-publishing, and what do you write these days?

Hi there! I started self-publishing with my first book, An Alpha’s Path back in 2011. It’s strange to think it’s been seven years since I started this journey and yet it feels like it’s only beginning some days. These days I’m working in two primary genres, contemporary and paranormal romance, though my focus has been on my Montgomery Ink series and the various trilogies that are set in the same world. I also have a secret project coming up in a new-to-me genre and I’m so excited to show it off soon!


You’ve got a very busy new release schedule for 2018 (and beyond). What strategies work well for you for writing fast?

I do! I really can’t help it. I tell myself I’ll slow down and when I plan out my year, complete with weekends off and vacations, I still end up wanting to do another series because my brain needs to! As for how I can write so quickly? I plan out what worlds and books I’ll be working on throughout the year and heavily outline my book before I’ll write it. I’ll have a general idea of the book and characters when I plot out the course of the series, but I really dig in for my outline. Once I start writing, I use Pacemaker, an online tool that helps with a variety of projects and word counts. It tells me what I need to write every day to keep up. I used to do this on my own with an online calendar, but this saves me time and is totally worth the money for peace of mind. I wake up, drink coffee, and start writing. I try do deep focus and keep my mind on my words and not everything else. Once I get on social media, or even my emails, it doesn’t matter that I turn it off, my brain hasn’t.

But just a little a day for me goes a long way, and I do take breaks. It lets me get back into what I need to write without feeling burnt out.


What other skills and areas of interest do you want to chat about during the author takeover?

I’m a huge organizer and reader. I’m able to do what I do because I’m organized, and I actually help others be organized. Coming up with a marketing plan and even a social media plan between releases can be hard, but when I’m not working on my own, I actually help my friends out.

And I’m a huge reader. I tend to read at least five books a week. It used to be seven easily, but I’ve taken to audio books to mix in and that takes a bit longer!


You’re very involved in RWA – what role does that organization (and other groups) play in your writing life?

I joined RWA later in my career, but even now, the networking and fellowship that comes from working with so many talented and brilliant women (and men!) always gives me a boost. I used to be in a few online groups as well and am still in a couple. Anywhere that we can easily share ideas and help one another has always been a great place for me to dig in and either help, or soak up as much knowledge as possible.



Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide.




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