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My Title Was Rejected From a Kobo Promotion – Why?


*If you don’t yet have access to the Kobo Promotions tool and your titles are uploaded directly through KWL, email us at writinglife@kobo.com and we can set it up for you!





After abandoning the KWL team, Elyse Daniels joined the Kobo Merchandising team on a crusade to help push self-published content. She is KWL’s favourite merchandiser and is in charge of all things audio.

6 Responses to “My Title Was Rejected From a Kobo Promotion – Why?”

  1. Mark Leslie

    Great article, Elyse! (And have to love your profile pic that accompanies it)

    Does the fact that the Audiobook merchandiser has written a KWL article mean that there might be audio-specific promotions coming soon for indie authors? (Particularly since I noticed that my Findaway Voices titles are now appearing in Kobo’s audio catalog)

    • kobowritinglife

      Hi Mark!
      We do definitely want to give indie audio titles visibility on the store. Right now, Elyse considers all Findaway titles for inclusion in promotions. We will be sure to keep you posted!

      • Mark Leslie

        That’s fantastic to hear, Joni! Especially since I have 4 titles coming to Kobo via Findaway already! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Michael Lantrip

    Good explanation of your company policy.
    However, I do have one thought.
    You say: “If you don’t see a rejection reason, this is likely because there is no particular reason your title was declined. This happens mostly when we get way too many submissions to accommodate.”
    Not to split hairs, but if the submission is rejected because you got too many submissions, then that is the “particular reason your title was declined.”
    How difficult would it be for you to show the respect of stating that?
    Your policy now is sending the message “We might decline your submission on a personal whim, without having any particular reason. We just didn’t like it, and we are not going to tell you why.”
    I don’t believe that is your policy.
    But I believe that your messaging needs some work.
    I hope this doesn’t upset you. I’m just trying to be helpful.
    Michael Lantrip

    • kobowritinglife

      Hi Michael,
      I appreciate the feedback. As we prepare to take the promo tool out of beta mode and open it to more authors, this is something we will be examining and adjusting. In the meantime, I agree that this article could be more clear and have updated it accordingly.
      Thanks again for your comments,

  3. Neil Port

    Thank you for the great article, Elyse. I see that apart from a few obvious things a likely cause for rejection in a promotion comes down cover, in fact maybe it is a main reason, after that too many applications. Assuming a book hasn’t been accepted before, if there are too many applications is it a random process or does it often come back to cover again?
    Being new and having 3 declined and one accepted I am not sure if this is completely normal or I should be concerned for some reason. I have also read the excellent article by Shayna on covers and agree with the over-riding sentiments. All my covers are professionally designed and I believe are sufficiently genre specific. I do feel a little in the dark and may have this all wrong, but I would be concerned if there is a low threshold for rejecting covers that might then become rather subjective and catch a lot of us in the net.
    Thanks Neil


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