By Joni Di Placido

In this week’s episode of the Kobo Writing Life podcast, the multi-talented actress, producer, TV host, business owner and newly minted author Vivica A. Fox came to the Kobo office in Toronto to chat about her new memoir, Everyday I’m Hustling.

Vivica spoke with Tracy Nesdoly and Rene D’Entremont of Kobo’s PR department about the process of writing the book and her journey to success through sheer hustle and hard work.

Photo 2018-04-05, 3 26 26 PM (1)

If you look closely you can see Tracy’s teeny tiny puppy, Perri

Some highlights to listen out for:

  • A peek behind the scenes of some of the hilarious Hollywood anecdotes she describes in the book
  • How she came to embrace and celebrate her differences and what makes her unique
  • The inspiration behind the Vivica Fox Hair line
  • A little insight into her upcoming talk show, set to launch in fall 2018
  • The shift she has seen over time for women of colour in the media
  • The sacrifices she made for her career and how her family keeps her grounded.
  • Her advice for achieving success through perseverance, planning and self belief.


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