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KoboWriMo Update: #TheStruggleIsReal


By Joni Di Placido

I got a lot of dark glares when I asked the Kobo team for updates this week. Everyone is all out of words, so we decided to make this update with as few words as possible. The final push is the hardest, right?

How are you doing in the final stretch of NaNoWriMo? And how do you deal with writer’s block? Let us know (or share your own image or GIF!) in the comments!


Christine, strong and steady at 29, 190 words


Hufsa, “Still at 5,000 words”


Wendy, 16, 941 words


Cristina,7,259 words but like 3000 of those are just the words ‘come back to this later'”


Elaine, leading the pack with an impressive 35,963 words


Laura, no comment



And finally, Mark:


Hang in there guys.