By Joni Di Placido

The KWL team is very excited to announce our first ever cover contest! Our team has chosen a list of our ten favourite covers in each of three genres (Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy and Mystery/Suspense).

Now it’s over to you! Each week, we will post our top ten covers in each category and ask you to vote for your favourites. We will use your votes to establish our top ten best overall covers, and an overall winner!

Today we are asking you to vote for your favourite Romance cover. The poll will stay open for one week.

Happy voting!


Check out the books on the Kobo store!

Torrid little Affair

The Fallen Heir

Jasmine Sea

A Midnight Feast

Ruthless King

Cold Malice

Wicked Envy

The Heiress

The Executioner

Honest Intentions


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