By Joan Frantschuk

Have you ever screamed at Word because it just will not cooperate?

Word is a writer’s best tool, best resource, best friend. Writing a book is hard enough without the added aggravation that unfamiliarity with Word can create. As a writer, you owe it to yourself to learn how to use all its features—without shouting. If your font changes unexpectedly, your pages break in weird places, your titles are wonky, then this course is for you.

In Mastering Word for Fiction Writers, you’ll uncover the solution of Styles for consistent text, the speed and convenience of the Navigation Pane for reorganizing your scenes and clicking around your manuscript, and how to write a synopsis in just THREE steps.

Do you want to improve your editing skills and work easily with editors?

Word can help you write your book without aggravation, frustration, and distraction, allowing you to focus on the plot and your characters. And, once you type “The End,” Word can help you with the editing, proof reading, spelling, and grammar, and help you work smoothly with editors, critique partners and beta readers.

In Mastering Word for Fiction Writers, you’ll learn to manage the dozens of spelling and grammar settings. You’ll discover ways for your computer to read your book back to you. Best of all, you’ll master the Track Changes function editors swear by.

Do you wish you could format your own ebooks and print books?

Once the novel is written, edited and proofed, you’re ready to hit the “Publish” button. But first . . . you need to format your book for uploading as an ebook and perhaps even design a professional print book.

DIFY: The DO IT FOR YOU option is great. You hand it off to a professional formatter/book designer. You can get both ebook and print files for as little as $150. Woven Red Author Services can take care of this for you, while you write the next book or promote this one.

Or . . . DIY: You can carry on with Mastering Word for Fiction Writers and DO IT YOURSELF. You’ll learn how to format ebooks that load with minimal fuss and how to implement the best print book design principles.

Even if you don’t opt for DIY, you’ll know how to assess a formatter before you hire.

Would you rather FIGHT your book or WRITE your book?

Mastering Word for Fiction Writers is an online on-demand course published by Woven Red Author Services on the Teachable.com platform. Use it from any device with Word installed, anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. Joan is only a comment away on the private Facebook group. Plus, you can order an in-depth professional review of your first formatting project—the DO IT WITH ME option.

The Self-Publishing Bundle consists of four courses that will take you from organized draft, to polished manuscript, and onto your fully formatted ebook and print book.

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joan-leacott-3 Joan Frantschuk, is a self-published author (writing as Joan Leacott) and the principal of Woven Red Author Services. She has taught hundreds of newbie and experienced writers the ins and outs, tips and tricks of Word. After formatting hundreds of books, Joan shares her knowledge in this in-depth, on-demand course.

Connect with Joan and see more about Woven Red Author Services at www.WovenRed.ca.

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