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Huge congratulations to Claire Humphrey, winner of the 2017 Sunburst Award for Adult Fiction! Kobo Writing Life is proud to be a sponsor of the Sunburst Award Society, which annually awards Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic.

Humphrey’s debut novel, Spells of Blood and Kin, is set in Toronto, in a world of magic hidden in the dark downtown alleys and bars. In a press release, judges praised the novel for its “cool, elegant prose [and] fresh take on magic.”

“Humphrey’s use of a real, contemporary Canadian setting and her refusal to allow her characters any easy victories set this novel apart from a field of strong competitors.”

Congratulations also to Jonathan Auxier, who won an award in the Young Adult Fiction category with Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard and to A.C. Wise, whose story The Sailing of the Henry Charles Morgan in Six Pieces of Scrimshaw (1841) won the Sunburst Short Story Award.

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