How do you decide what you’re reading next? Checking various book lists? Asking friends? Browsing endlessly through the bottomless internet?

Helloreads has built one platform to combine all of the above.

The platform is sleek, easy to use, and doesn’t waste your precious time, because let’s face it, you’d rather be reading.


Use Helloreads to easily track what you’re reading, what you’ve read, and most importantly, what to read next.  You’ll instantly notice the modern design with vibrant pages of beautiful book lists. Quickly search your best friend’s profile or the New York Times Bestsellers list for current ideas on what to read.  If you aren’t sure where to start, the Discover page allows you to browse the most popular books on all of Helloreads for some inspiration. You can even ask for recommendations from fellow users if you are looking for something specific—perhaps books about dark-magic-practicing comedic elves.  Hey, you never know.

BookshelfHelloreads launched in 2016 and has recently partnered with Kobo to give you instant access to all of the books you want to read.

Go ahead and check out Helloreads for yourself at helloreads.com ($6 Kobo credit for new Helloreads sign-ups).  Stay tuned for the mobile iOS app coming later this year.

How to Promote Your Book on Helloreads

If you’re a writer looking to get the word out about your book, Helloreads has a unique tool available to help promote  your work to our users.

All Kobo Writing Life authors who sign up will be featured (for free!) on “Spotlight Authors”, a new Discover list.  Spotlight Authors will feature select authors on a rotating basis.  If you’d like your book to be featured, just fill out this form to get started. Additionally, by signing up and sharing your own bookshelf, you can connect with your readers on a new level.


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