by Christine Munroe

September 30 is International Podcast Day, and we’re excited to join this “international celebration of the power of podcasts.” You can spread the word, too, by sharing the hashtag #internationalpodcastday and doing any (or all!) of these things:

The Kobo Writing Life podcast launched in July 2013, and we’ve released 93 episodes since then. It’s been a really exciting opportunity to share interviews with bestselling authors, tips on the craft and business of writing, and advice for successfully self-publishing. It has also been a fun part of our jobs; we love taking the time to get to know our authors better, and share your stories with the KWL community.

A few episode highlights from the last four years of podcasting:

Episode 001: Steve Vernon – Where it all began! Mark Lefebvre interviews Steve Vernon, a writer and storyteller of written and spoken words.

Episode 018 – Moses Znaimer. Our most-downloaded episode to date, in which Mark interviews the co-founder and former head of CityTV, the first independent television station in Toronto, Canada, the current head of ZoomerMedia (Zoomer Magazine) and the author of The Zoomer Philosophy.

Episode 055 – Behind the Scenes at Kobo. Christine Munroe offered a sneak peek behind the scenes here at Kobo to share some insights from several teams that play a key role in getting eBooks from authors and publishers to readers.

We often turn to our fellow podcasters for information and inspiration. If you’re looking for something new, we highly recommend subscribing to:

The Creative Penn Podcast (proudly sponsored by KWL)

The Self Publishing Podcast

Sell More Books Show

Self Publishing Formula

Writing Excuses


Do you love to listen to podcasts? Do you have any favourites that we missed? Share them in the comments. And if you haven’t done so yet, please subscribe to the KWL podcast and leave us a review. Make sure you don’t miss an episode and help us reach more listeners by spreading the word. Thanks so much!

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