Kobo Writing Life Podcast – Episode 091 – Special Audiobook Announcement: Let Me Tell You A Story

Episode 91 of the Kobo Writing Life Podcast, narrated by Jim Dale, beloved actor and narrator for the Harry Potter books in Canada and the United States, will introduce you to Kobo’s new Audiobook program.

Let me tell you a story. Do you remember when you first fell in love with reading? Well you weren’t really reading, were you? No, your passion for books began quite another way. It was listening, wasn’t it? To a story. Yes; your love of reading got started when you were being read to. Could there be any six words that have more anticipation behind them than: “Let me tell you a story.”

Introducing Audiobooks for the Free Kobo App with a beautifully designed, easy to use player.

One home for all your ebooks and audiobooks.

It’s your whole reading life – always with you!

Start your free trial today and embrace the art of listening.

The main question most indie authors and small publishers likely have upon hearing the news that Kobo not has an audiobooks program is how to get their titles into Kobo’s audiobook catalog.

Currently, if you are distributing your audiobooks via ListenUp Audiobooks, Findaway Voices or Author’s Republic, your title is already either being loaded to the catalog through those distributors, or you can contact them to ensure that they add Kobo to your distribution options. If you are using another audiobook distribution platform to make your audiobooks available on different retailers, ask them if they are distributing to Kobo. That is, currently, the best way to get your titles loaded to Kobo’s customers.

In the meantime, the KWL Development team is working hard to create a way for you to upload your audiobooks directly to Kobo via Kobo Writing Life. But there currently isn’t a way to do that direct upload, so we’re pointing you to the options currently available to you to continue to expand your reach to Kobo’s global customer case.

YouTube Video from Kobo’s Audiobook Ad in the US

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