One of the most common questions asked about self-publishing is: How much does it cost to self-publish?

That’s a difficult question to answer in any simple or easy way. A cheeky response to a question involving an almost infinite number of unknown variables is asking, in return, the following: “How long is a piece of string?”

Yes, the reality is that there are SO MANY variances in the answer depending on each writer, each book, each resource required.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t answers. It’s just that the answer requires some work and time on the part of the person asking the question in order to get the best possible answer for them.

We have seen that the costs to self-publish a book can typically be anywhere from $300 to $3000. And the difference in totals depends entirely on the resources required and used by each author.

And the good news is that Mark Dawson and James Blatch have got authors covered when trying to narrow it down for themselves in a recent episode of The Self-Publishing Formula Podcast.

In Episode 67 – The Cost of Self-Publishing, Mark and James outline in brilliant detail, some of the variables a writer needs to consider when determining their budget for a self-published book, including different types of editing, various resources available for affordable cover design and a full summary of costs involved in self-publishing a book.

Not only can you listen to the full 46 minute podcast in which this topic is discussed in detail (something we highly recommend), but the full transcript of the conversation appears in the show notes at the same link above. There is also a special downloadable PDF summary of the costs all laid out.


Mark Dawson, James Blatch (Self-Publishing Formula Podcast Hosts) and Mark Lefebvre (KWL Director) at NINC in 2016

We are fans of the great work that Mark Dawson and James Blatch do to support and inform writers about options and strategies for writers interested in self-publishing and delight in the fact that this episode does a fine job in helping writers to understand how much money you should reasonably expect to invest when self-publishing a book.

SPF Podcast – A great podcast for writers!


The SPF podcast offers great insights on what writers should know regarding the costs of self-publishing. The KWL team also works hard at providing trusted services for authors looking for editors and support which include our friends at Reedsy (to find editors and various other professionals available to work with you). Check out the AUTHOR SERVICES tab inside your Kobo Writing Life dashboard for all of our trusted service partners.


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