KWL Director, Mark Lefebvre was recently a guest on Lit Up! with Angela Breidenbach on TogiNet Radio.

In the interview, Mark talks a bit about his own non-fiction writing (he writes non-fiction paranormal books for Toronto publisher Dundurn Press), where they explore history, local lore and ghost stories, and then explains a bit about self-publishing, Kobo and Kobo Writing Life.

(The good stuff, for those wanting to skip Mark’s personal book info and get right to the info on Kobo, starts at about 15:00 minutes in)

Some of the things that Mark talks about are the origins of Kobo (original company name, the company’s philosophy) . . .

. . . the ease of the publishing process and the sexy author dashboard . . .

. . . not to mention the multitude of reading options, including two beautiful waterproof Kobo readers (Aura ONE and Aura H20) . . .














. . . as well as how Kobo partners with indie bookstores in the US, allowing local customers to buy eBooks while still supporting their favorite local bookstore (see indiebound.org/ebooks for more info), strategies on setting global pricing and other useful information and tips for authors.

You can listen to the podcast online via any of the following links or search for it to download and listen to the podcast via places such as iTunes via the RSS Feed.





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