by Craig Martelle

Ready to take your writing career to the next level? 20Books Vegas — an independently published author convention by and for indies — will be a premier learning and networking event.

Do you publish wide? Are you exclusive to Amazon? Do you write one book a year? Or do you write one book every three weeks?

We are all at different levels in our journey. The information you need today will be different than what you needed three months ago or three months from now. Take a look and see how you can help others, see how you can help yourself.

At the end of the day, when one indie does well, we all do a little bit better. A rising tide floats all boats.

Keep climbing on your journey up the mountain. When things start to click, you may discover what some people call, life-changing money. What is that figure for you and how can you get there?

20booksvegas.com – showing you the way

20Booksto50k was conceptualized by Michael Anderle using a minimal viable product model. If you had twenty books published and each book made only $7/day, then you’d have a gross revenue of $50k/year. Sales are not linear, but if you start establishing a readership because your story pulls the readers in, then you may realize success more quickly than 20 books.

An indie’s career is one filled with having to do it all. These means that you not only write the book, but you have to market it, you have to get it edited, you have to get a cover for it, you have to format it, you have to engage with your readers, you have to build your readership, you have to pay your taxes, and… The list goes on. The conference is to help you with each of these areas, touching on what needs done so that you can ask better questions when you’re standing around, sharing a coffee with your favorite indie authors.

We’ll have main sessions that will inform, motivate, and energize. We’ll have break out sessions with craft exercises that will help everyone, no matter who you are. One example is where the master of blurbology, Bryan Cohen is available to help – write your blurb and get feedback from your fellow indies. Right now and straight forward. Does it make them want to read on?

Everything we do is based on that single premise. What does it take for a potential reader to keep going from the first time they see your cover until they reach, The End, and keep reading past that because they want more?

That is the holy grail of any author, traditional or indie.

Join us at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, from November 3-5, 2017. The conference fee is only $99 and that gets you coffee, tea, some snacks, and lunch on Saturday, as well as access to authors at all levels in their writing careers.

You can see a full list of who is attending on the 20Booksto50k Facebook group – you have to be a member, but we have 9000 and are adding more daily.

There is also the 20Books Vegas Facebook group where you get the latest information first.

And then there is 20booksvegas.com which is your definitive source for the show, including the conference sign up. If you have a service to promote, there are advertising options that can be found on that page, too. There’s a little something for vritually everyone, from unpublished author, to newer authors who have yet to find traction, those seeking to clear that hurdle to $10k in revenue per month, and we also have a number of seven-figure authors who will be attending.

There is something for everyone.

No matter who you are, you will find someone who knows something that you don’t. That’s what makes an event like 20Books Vegas incomparable – the networking opportunities are served up on silver platters, with slot machines dinging in the distance, a drink in your hand, and surrounded by fellow indies.

We’re delighted to have Kobo Writing Life as one of the sponsors for the 20Books Vegas conference. Without the support of sponsors like Kobo, this show wouldn’t be possible at a conference fee of only $99.

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Craig Martelle is a bestselling science fiction author, with a number of successful series to his credit – the Gamma World & Metamorphosis Alpha inspired Free Trader series, the space opera follow-on Cygnus, a post-apocalyptic survival series End Times Alaska, and his most successful series, co-written with Michael Anderle, the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles.

Visit www.craigmartelle.com to see all of Craig’s publications and stay up on the latest notes, stories, and releases. Join his mailing list to receive discounts, chances to win free copies of books, and get the latest news.

Craig Martelle is a retired Marine Corps Officer and full-time author. He lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, known to the locals as God’s Country where he and his family can watch the Northern Lights from their driveway.

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