International bestselling author Mark Dawson has united two of his landmark characters (John Milton and Beatrix Rose) in a single intriguing team-up story entitled Phoenix.


She does Britain’s dirty work, but this time she needs help. Beatrix Rose, meet John Milton…

Beatrix Rose has a knack for making the British government’s problems go away. When the assassin is sent to Venezuela to track down a missing scientist, she meets a contact who knows the lay of the land: none other than John Milton…

As the state-sanctioned assassin and the special forces soldier team up in South America, they’ll do more than capture a missing scientist. They’ll discover a secret that will change Beatrix’s life forever…

If that alone weren’t enough to have people racing to buy it from their favorite eBook platform, there’s more to the story behind the story.

Dawson, who has not only captivated Kobo readers in territories all around the world at Kobo, has written this book not just to appeal to his fans and offer them a fresh new treat, but to do something good for a friend.

Em and Baby Phoenix

Four years ago, Mark’s friend Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was told that the chemotherapy she was undergoing would make her sterile. It was a surprise to all when her miracle baby was born in December of 2016. Although Emma’s cancer is incurable, she is fighting to get the funds to get access to an expensive drug treatment that she hopes will allow her a little more time with her six-month-old child, Phoenix.


Mark Dawson has written a Beatrix Rose thriller that clocks in at just under 20,000 words, named for Baby Phoenix, and published it on May 16th with all proceeds going to Emma’s family. Those interested in reading a great story and supporting a good cause can purchase the Phoenix eBook. There is also a GoFundMe page set up for those who wish to contribute directly.

The Kobo Writing Life team is proud of the fact that, not only does Mark Dawson spend a lot of time helping authors with building reader mailing lists and strategically growing their writing business using targeted Facebook ads via the Self-Publishing Formula Podcast (co-hosted with James Blatch) and the multiple online courses they offer, but he also takes the time to support and help out a dear friend in need.

Mark Dawson & James Blatch in studio recording the Self Publishing Formula Podcast

You’ve got to love an author like that.

And you’ve got to love Emma’s positive spirit as she fights to stay alive for Phoenix. As Emma says, “2016 wasn’t all bad! In fact there were miracles if you knew where to look. There is always something good waiting around the corner, no matter your circumstances, you just have to recognize it.”


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