Top 50 Best-Earning KWL Titles for 2016

Yesterday we posted a list of the Top 25 KWL selling titles as sorted by UNITS for 2016 – ie, the volume of titles that have sold.

But for today’s list, we’re posting something that the Kobo Writing Life team is far more passionate about, because it leads to a sustainable author-earning strategy that results in more $$$ in the pockets of the publisher/author.

The following titles represent the Top 50 Best-Earning titles published through Kobo Writing Life from 2016 Sales; they represent those titles that earned the most in terms of their NET SALES value.


Top 50 Best-Selling Titles by NET SALES for KWL in 2016

1 Hier encore, c’etait l’ete Julie de Lestrange
2 The Girl in the Ice Robert Bryndza
3 Craving Helen Hardt
4 Obsession Helen Hardt
5 The Night Stalker Robert Bryndza
6 Lost Girls Angela Marsons
7 Calendar Girl: Volume One (Box Set) Audrey Carlan
8 Play Dead Angela Marsons
9 The Betrayal Laura Elliot
10 John Milton – The First 8 Novels (Box Set) Mark Dawson
11 Evil Games Angela Marsons
12 Silent Scream Angela Marsons
13 The Girl With No Past Kathryn Croft
14 Dark Water Robert Bryndza
15 Calendar Girl: Volume Four (Box Set) Audrey Carlan
16 Stuck-Up Suit Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward
17 The Sister Louise Jensen
18 Calendar Girl: Volume Three Audrey Carlan
19 The Girl You Lost Kathryn Croft
20 Big Rock Lauren Blakely
21 Sleep Sister Laura Elliot
22 Callaways Boxed Set Books 1 to 8 Barbara Freethy
23 RoomHate Penelope Ward
24 Dirty Pleasures Meghan March
25 Bossman Vi Keeland
26 Now That I’ve Found You Bella Andre
27 Dirty Together Meghan March
28 Mister O Lauren Blakely
29 Calendar Girl: Volume Two Audrey Carlan
30 Blood Lines Angela Marsons
31 The Sam Prichard Series: Complete Boxed Set David Archer
32 Melt Helen Hardt
33 April Audrey Carlan
34 January Audrey Carlan
35 While You Were Sleeping Kathryn Croft
36 May Audrey Carlan
37 The Secret Daughter Kelly Rimmer
38 February Audrey Carlan
39 L’Enlevement (Toute la Trilogie) (Box Set) Anna Zaires
40 June Audrey Carlan
41 A Mother’s Secret Renita D’Silva
42 Twist Me; The Complete Trilogy (Box Set) Anna Zaires
43 Dirty Billionaire Meghan March
44 Her Last Tomorrow Adam Croft
45 Dirty Sexy Inked Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde
46 Lightning Lingers Barbara Freethy
47 March Audrey Carlan
48 July Audrey Carlan
49 December Audrey Carlan
50 Complete San Francisco Sullivans Boxed Set Bella Andre

A collection of some of the covers from this Top-Earning titles from 2016

Apart from seeing the “awards” sweeps of authors that included Audrey Carlan, Angela Marsons, Helen Hardt and Kathryn Croft, you’ll notice some interesting Box Sets on the list from authors like Bella Andre, Barbara Freethy, Mark Dawson and David Archer.

And, in ongoing celebration of Kobo’s great partnership with FNAC in France, the top-earning title from KWL this past year was from French author Julie de Lestrange. The other non-English title to make this list is another French title from Anna Zaires, who is the only author to have both English and French titles on this Top 50 list.

Congratulations to all of these authors!



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