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Top 25 Bestselling KWL Titles from 2016

Self-Published titles at Kobo represent nearly 1 in every 4 books sold in the English language for 2016. To spotlight some of the highest selling titles by UNIT for 2016, we present the top-selling 25 titles published through Kobo Writing Life by UNIT sales.


The top 25 Bestselling KWL Titles from 2016

Mystery/Thriller/Suspense titles led the way in 2016, but Romance, always a strong selling category, remains quite prominent in the top-selling representation.

Showing Kobo’s global presence (and a combination of the French Canadian plus the Kobo by FNAC presence in France, the second best-selling title on this overall global list is a French language title – Julie de Lestrange’s Hier encore, c’était l’été.

Fantasy also made it to the list, as did Literary Fiction. A handful of digital box sets, including a multi-author box set made the list.

Congrats to all authors and publishers on their best-selling status.


Top 25 Best-Selling Titles from KWL for 2016

1 The Girl in the Ice Robert Bryndza Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
2 Hier encore, c’était l’été Julie de Lestrange Fiction & Literature
3 Silent Scream Angela Marsons Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
4 The Night Stalker Robert Bryndza Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
5 Lost Girls Angela Marsons Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
6 The Betrayal Laura Elliot Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
7 Play Dead Angela Marsons Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
8 The Sister Louise Jensen Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
9 Craving Helen Hardt Romance
10 Evil Games Angela Marsons Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
11 The Girl With No Past Kathryn Croft Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
12 While You Were Sleeping Kathryn Croft Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
13 Dark Water Robert Bryndza Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
14 The Girl You Lost Kathrn Croft Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
15 Obsession Helen Hardt Romance
16 Heller Brothers Hockey (Box Set) Kelly Jamieson Romance
17 Sleep Sister Laura Elliot Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
18 Frostborn Omnibus One (Box Set) Jonathan Moeller Sci-Fi & Fantasy
19 January Audrey Carlan Romance
20 The Secret Daughter Kelly Rimmer Fiction & Literature
21 Big Rock Lauren Blakely Romance
22 A Mother’s Secret Renita D’Silva Fiction & Literature
23 Possession Helen Hardt Romance
24 Hearts and Heroes (Box Set) Lyn O’Farrell, Patricia Thayer, Mindy Neff, Gillian Doyle, Sandra Paul Romance
25 Calendar Girl: Volume One (Box Set) Audrey Carlan Romance


These are the Top-Selling 25 titles by UNIT sales. Stay tuned for our Top-Selling titles by NET SALES (because, you know, selling units is nice, but making sustainable income per unit sale is even nicer)


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