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Go Global with Kobo Writing Life

Did you know that when you publish with Kobo Writing Life your books are not just available for sale at Kobo, but are also available in our many partner sites? If you provide us with the rights to distribute your content Worldwide, your eBooks can be made available in a number of stores including:

  • Angus & Robertson (www.angusrobertson.com.au)
  • Collins (www.collinsbooks.com.au)
  • Livraria Cultura (www.livrariacultura.com.br)
  • Chapters Indigo (www.chapters.indigo.ca)
  • FNAC (www.fnac.com)
  • PriceMinister (www.priceminister.com)
  • La Feltrinelli (www.lafeltrinelli.it)
  • Mondadori (www.librimondadori.ir)
  • Rakuten (www.rakuten.co.jp)
  • Gandhi (www.gandhi.com.mx)
  • Librería Porrúa (www.porrua.mx)
  • Bol (www.bol.com)
  • Booktopia (https://www.booktopia.com.au)
  • PaperPlus (www.paperplus.co.nz)
  • National Book Store (www.nationalbookstore.com)
  • FNAC Portugal (www.fnac.pt)
  • FNAC Spain (www.fnac.es)
  • La Central (www.lacentral.com)
  • D&R (www.dr.com.tr)
  • Idefix (www.idefix.com)
  • WHSmith (www.whsmith.co.uk)
  • American Booksellers Association – variety of participant websites(www.indiebound.org/ebooks)
  • Rakuten (www.rakuten.com)
  • Walmart (www.walmart.com)

We really believe in selling to a global audience and a top tip for global sales is optimizing your pricing. Now that you can set your price in 16 different currencies, setting your prices in each currency to match the reader’s buying habits is an easy way to correctly price your eBooks and thus to optimize your sales. You can read more about our pricing tool here and how to take advantage of the tool here. Then sit back and watch for new dots popping up on your dashboard!


[UPDATED: September 11, 2018]

4 Responses to “Go Global with Kobo Writing Life”

  1. Malla Duncan

    I publish on Kobo through Smashwords. Currently make no sales on Kobo at all – not really knowing how to market any more than I have – and particularly as there seems no marketing tool on your site for authors. Do books on Kobo go automatically on all these other sites? If so, are payments for sales made through Kobo?
    Thank you for any information,
    Malla Duncan

    • kobowritinglife

      Thanks for your questions, Malla – Just an FYI, but authors who publish directly through Kobo Writing Life rather than through a third party site tend to find it easier to grow their sales, particularly since we allow authors to do more than just set a USD price and let auto-conversion set an “ugly” non USD price.

      For more info on selling/marketing globally with Kobo – check out the other blog posts with the “selling” tag:

      Some of the most popular posts on that topic include Toni Anderson’s “Best Practices for Building Sales” (https://kobowritinglife.com/2016/05/13/best-practices-for-building-sales/) and one that people still find value in from Patty Jansen “How do you promote on Kobo?: (https://kobowritinglife.com/2013/07/29/how-do-you-promote-on-kobo/)

      In answer to the books going to those other sites, when you select “Worldwide Rights” for a title (which is the default for Smashwords publishing to Kobo) the titles will automatically get sent to our global retail publishing partner websites. Some partners do filter by content so might only (for example) include a particular language that is of interest to their customer base.

      And payments for sales made on any of our partner websites are made through Kobo, either direct to you if you are a KWL Author/Publisher or direct to Smashwords, who will, in turn, remit payment to you.


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