Based upon the feedback that we’ve received over the last few years, Kobo Writing Life will be launching a consolidated sales reporting template in February 2017. This new sales reporting template will allow enhanced visibility into your sales by combining both your sales reports and credit memo into one consolidated report.
We’ve also included more detailed tax information. By providing additional information regarding your sales, we hope to enable you to perform more robust sales analysis. You can download the new sales reporting template here:

New Sales Report Template

The report you will see on a monthly basis is visible on the “Consolidated Reporting Template” tab, with an explanation as to what that data is and a glossary of the column names in the “Glossary” tab. You’ll need to ensure that you hit the enable editing button on the Excel file to see the content.

Here’s the glossary of terms:

Column Name Definition
Date Date of Purchase
Country Country of Purchase
State State of Purchase
Zip Code Zip Code for Area of Purchase
Content Type This Shows the Type of Content that will be Sold, eg. eBook.
Total Qty Number of Titles Sold (This will be a negative if there was a refund)
Refund Reason Reason for Providing the Refund (This will only be populated when there has been a refund)
DealID ID associated with Specifics Deal (This will only be populated when there is a BMSM promotion)
Publisher Name Publisher Name
Imprint Imprint Name (This will only be populated if you’ve entered an imprint for your book)
eISBN eISBN of Title Purchased
Author Author of Title Purchased
Title Title of Book Purchased
List Price (LP) Price That You Have Set For The Book
Tax Excluded List Price List Price Excluding Tax (This will show the price without VAT for tax inclusive countries, for example EU countries and Japan)
COGS % Royalty Rate Applied to this Sale
COGS Amount (LP Currency) Royalty Amount in the List Price Currency
List Price Currency The Default Currency You’ve Chosen For Your Books
Foreign Exchange Rate to Payable Currency Foreign Exchange Rate Used to Convert the List Price to your Default Currency
COGS in Payable Currency Royalty Amount in Your Default Currency
COGS Based LP Price in Which the Title was Sold for
COGS Based LP excluding Tax Price in Which the Titles was Sold for Excluding Tax
COGS based LP Currency Currency in Which the Sale was Made
COGS Adjustment (Payable Currency) Amount Deducted due to Promotion (This will only be filled when you were involved in a promotion or a promo code was applied)
Net Due (Payable Currency) Amount that Kobo will Pay the Publisher in your Default Currency
Payable Currency Your Default Currency
Total Tax
(Payable Currency)
Total Tax that was Applied to this Specific Sale
We kindly ask that you ensure that your systems and/or resources are prepared to receive this new reporting format starting February 2017 (detailing January 2017 sales).
We hope you are as excited as we are to launch this new consolidated sales report. Should you have any questions regarding this new template, please contact us at writinglife@kobo.com.
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