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Picking The Best Release Day

One of the questions most commonly posted to us by authors is: “when should I publish my eBook?”

We see authors publishing on every day of the week – some on Mondays, others on Wednesdays, to Thursdays and even Fridays. But do we have a preferred release date? Short answer: yes.

While there currently is no commonly accepted global release date for books and eBooks, traditionally they are published i-love-tuesdayon Tuesdays in North America and Thursdays in Europe.

We encourage KWL authors to start adopting a Tuesday release date when launching new releases globally.

This is because in North America, we merchandise our storefront on Tuesdays with New Releases, and also send out our New Releases e-mail to our customers. We tend not to include pre-orders in these e-mails and lists – so titles releasing even one day later, on a Wednesday, are left out of these lists and e-mails.

While our storefronts are updated and e-mails are sent out on Thursdays in Europe, having your titles published two days earlier, on Tuesday, will not affect your chances of being merchandised in Europe. Publishing on a Tuesday is your best bet to be promoted globally to Kobo customers.

That said, what day of the week you publish on is ultimately up to you – the freedom of making your own choices if what makes self-publishing so great, after all.


12 Responses to “Picking The Best Release Day”

  1. tanyaannecrosby

    I already opt for Tuesday fro various reasons, but this is great to know!

  2. Kessie

    Sometimes it takes a day for books to go live. Maybe publish late Monday night?

    • Kobo Writing Life

      It can take 24-72 hours for a book to be published on our site, but generally we find that titles are published within 24 hours.

      • K.C. May

        In order to ensure a Tuesday release, would you advise uploading as a preorder on, say, Sunday, and choosing Tuesday as the release date? Or would being a preorder *at all* eliminate the book from potentially being included in your merchandizing efforts?

        • Kobo Writing Life

          We’d recommend having the pre-order available as soon as possible with the publication date on a Tuesday.

  3. John R. Paterson

    Woops! I blew it. I just published my book The White Limousine this morning (Saturday) Does this mean that it will miss being included in the new release list that comes out on Tuesday?


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