Whether it’s due to writer’s block, the simple fact that there aren’t enough hours in the day, or that a helping hand is needed, crossing the self-publishing finish line can be tough—and remains the number one goal for all authors. As a trusted partner, the Kobo Writing Life team has carefully vetted and pulled together a comprehensive offering of services—from cover design to eBook conversion to copyrighting—enabling writers to create the most professional written works. Exclusive rates, which represent savings ranging from 20 to 30%, have been negotiated for Kobo Writing Life authors. There’s never been a better time for storytellers to finalize and publish their work through www.kobo.com/writinglife, with the potential to reach millions of passionate readers in more than 190 countries.


Cover Design


AcePub – www.acepub.com     

Although “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a general rule of thumb, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be beautiful. Acepub offers a multitude of eBook creation services, including cover design. Buyers have thousands of books to choose from, and working with a trained designer to create a compelling cover can help authors cut through the clutter to find their audiences.


ePub Conversion.


Diving into a great read is an age-old, beloved pastime, and just like a well-designed book, a properly formatted eBook is a beautiful thing. Kobo Writing Life offers its self-published authors conversation services at a great rate to achieve just that.


Aptara – www.aptaracorp.com 

Making content widely accessible, searchable, and portable means making it digital. Different mobile devices, media platforms, and industries require different content formats and standards, and this can form a tangled web of specifications. Aptara provides authors and publishers with services that include ePub conversion from Word or Print PDF to reflowable ePub, and from Word, Print PDF or InDesign to fixed-layout ePub.


Newgen – www.newgen.co

Newgen provides post-print, eBook and enhanced electronic production, and backlist conversion services. They convert content from hard copies, microfilm, microfiche, application files, and PDFs very accurately to text files. They tag, index, style, and label data to provide web-enabled HTML/DHTML files, XML/SGML formats, and all popular eBook formats such as ePUB, ePDF, and MOBI. They use the tagged, indexed, and labelled data to make the electronic information searchable and easily retrievable.




Digi-Rights – www.digi-rights.com

Understanding copyright law is key. Digi-Rights offers authors and publishers copyright registration, assessments, permissions acquisition, copyright clearance and rights sublicensing services. A copyright provides protection against illegal copying, theft or plagiarism of precious work.


Pre-Press Composition


Nord Compo – www.nordcompo.com

Writers thinking of turning their stories into a printed book need look no further. Nord Compo offers the most complete selection of pre-press, production, and design services. Their solutions can be designed to match the complexity and unique requirements of any publishing needs. Nord Compo can help authors produce affordable print versions of their books.




For more information and to get rates on the above services, please contact us at: kwlauthorservices@kobo.com.

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