• I just enjoyed the podcast of the Kobo folks talking about their different jobs. Great behind-the-scenes stuff. The prices of e-books in the different geos was useful to me as an author. Thanks for putting it together.

  • I cannot sell anything on Kobo – it’s as dead as a dodo. And it’s not for the want of advertising on my part through all sorts of means I can afford. But it would be nice if authors could advertise on the Kobo site directly – where readers are browsing in the various genres. As far as I know, you don’t have such a facility? Readers will never find me if they never see my books. Any solutions, dear Kobo?

    • Kobo Writing Life

      Hi Malla, looking at your titles on Kobo it seems that they’re coming through Smashwords. We’re testing a lot of promotional opportunities for Kobo Writing Life users at the moment and hope to continue expanding this. You would, however, need to publish with us directly to avail of these.

  • Loved the podcast. Fun! I’ve been posting some Kobo only tweets and FB posts. I always put Kobo buy links in my newsletters. I think I’m building an audience little by little. I have one trilogy that’s #139 on Kobo right now. Love that! Next step for me is to do a Kobo only release for a larger box set.

  • I loved listening to this episode. It was really great to learn about the inner workings of Kobo. It sounds like a really fun company to work for! 🙂

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