Bestselling KWL Books of 2015

As the year is coming to an end, we thought we’d look back over reader favourites. Here’s our list of the bestselling KWL titles of the year:


3786970c-10b5-42f1-b87f-8f004cd50a7c  673155f3-e5a1-464e-961f-b698ad8837ac  7657ec7f-a419-4690-81d7-a0ea6292a17b  de967c69-d661-4200-a809-65d9635c5501
015e6d12-dc98-46d2-aa1f-0fa2bdedbaa9 2dec7cf3-f15c-4978-a2a9-cc66452f0528 4aeb06c3-444d-4a95-bb77-67383bb97793 a456e682-36f3-48f4-9245-9062862c2858


0cada9d5-a0df-4afc-a0af-2a3e4c82c41e   4ee7ea8f-ff3c-42bb-a43f-3a6e4e09ed61  43cc23a8-9c64-4d07-aea1-9714bb4a1287   Athletic man603ebaca-ebb4-43ef-b2bf-131db49eea5b 5061d358-19ea-4051-8fa3-0d60e53659c1 931305ba-f5ea-4ee8-8afc-1ef6a2934d18 f32caa0f-4333-4959-9362-e627308956fa

Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror

4ad959bf-868e-43a8-8622-cf44e6ada77d   69345780-7b21-4cba-9349-abeb73ccb08c  97f5f3bf-9e93-47b7-99ad-bdb51c4922c0   c1ffa995-28b1-4379-8b60-48e6cf728de0
c3b491cd-1261-48dc-8f95-0ad9c125d4ad c968ea48-56c6-462f-bdab-a10a58d0a8cc SONY DSC faced4bd-891c-4091-91a2-214f80024962

What was your bestselling title on Kobo this year?


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