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Team KoBoWriMo: Week Three

10 days to go! This week we wanted to know, what have our WriMos been working on, anyways?

Markmark28,023. “It’s a horror novel about an old abandoned hippie commune, inspired by a visit to an actual abandoned community that I discovered this past summer not far from Kelowna, BC. After researching that commune, I created a completely fictional commune and made it more like an odd cult and the story includes elements from classic and schlocky ‘teens alone in the woods’ horror tropes.  Have never written anything like that before so am enjoying the process.”

ChrissyUntitled17,800. “I started by working through writing several nonfiction humour pieces I’ve been meaning to set aside time to do. Around day 10, I switched gears and started on a novel. It’s a thriller about a novelist who starts stalking a literary agent.”

WendywendyAround 4,800. “Fantasy novel set in a kingdom trying to preserve peace with a violent neighbour, all while the threat of an ancient supernatural force begins to make itself known. A little bit of political discourse mixed with powerful monsters and the danger of a person with nothing to lose”

sophiaSophia4,500. “I’m writing about 5 animals’ individual journeys during the yearly migration from Tanzania to Kenya. I’ve been writing every day since NaNoWriMo started – even if it’s 100 words here and there. Remembering its NaNo everyday helps me feel better if I write that day (or worse, if I haven’t written yet…).”

Bessiebessie2,757. “I’m writing the story of Faye, an ex-race car driver with a complicated past whose boyfriend has been kidnapped by Jay Leno. I started out well but have hit a slump. I am glad I’m participating though. I’ve definitely written more than I would have otherwise.”

Seanshawn1,250. “Writing about a dystopian future. To be honest I’ve had very little time to write this week.
The experience has introduced pressure to write which is good, but I still haven’t been fully engaged.”


One full week to go! Do you think we’ll hit the 50k mark? What are you working on writing lately?

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