Two weeks in and we are all still cracking away at this crazy challenge. For this week’s post, we wanted to know if our WriMos had any wacky stories to share from the trenches. Have they written somewhere weird? Chugged 10 coffees to stay awake and write? Here’s a recap, with leaderboard standings:

Markmark17,700. “I have tested out dictating while driving this year, although I’ve only done about 2000 words so far that way. I have also tried to train myself to just use small bits of time to write in quick bursts, even if it’s only a single sentence that I get done, because at least that small jumble of words gets me that much closer to each day’s ‘finish line.'”

ChrissyUntitled9,764. “I’ve discovered that if I’m in the middle of a good writing flow, I get unreasonably annoyed when someone tries to interrupt me. Like, ‘Hello?! Can’t you see I’m writing brilliant prose here???!!’ I find it really hard to refocus if I get off track with any side conversations. My family has learned to avoid me completely during my carved out writing time.”

Denar1493433_10153667326440557_426105759_o5,000. “I was writing at a Tim Horton’s when I met this old man from Somalia. He talked about politics in his country of origin. Surprisingly, he knew a lot about my home country–most people usually don’t know the existence of my country. Also, he was writing a novel at home. I think he didn’t know anything about NanoWriMo.”

sophiaSophia3,000. “Guess I’m not a pantser…”


Bessiebessie2,659. “I like to give characters in my book names that are similar to my friends’ names. One character in my book is a little hyper, clumsy, and in love with the main character (who often resembles me…) so every time I write anything involving ‘my friend’ it cracks me up. It especially makes me laugh to think how mad my friend will be when she reads it.”

WendywendyAround 2,000. “My muse has escaped with all of my ideas!!”


Seanshawn986. “I have been thinking about the story a lot, but have barely written anything in the past 10 days, so when I started writing for real last night it sort of just spewed out. So far so good. I’m still not sure where I’m taking the plot, but the character development is coming along nicely and what I’ve written is pretty fast paced and action packed. I hope to develop the story as I write. I seem to feel most inspired late at night around 11pm.

Fellow WriMos, keep up the great work! How’s your month going so far?

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