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NaNoWriMo: The Stats

A study of 2000 NaNoWriMo writers has discovered the most effective tips to help you write and finish a book successfully.

Nanowrimo tips
Courtesy of: stopprocrastinatingapp.com

3 Responses to “NaNoWriMo: The Stats”

  1. addaviesonwriting

    I definitely recommend getting the minimum word count in as early as possible. For #NaNoWriMo2015 I am almost at 80,000 and hope to complete my (overwritten) novel by the end of the month. Because of day job and family commitments, I used sprints to get the words in, even if I only had a 15 min gap during my day job work, and often staying an hour extra in the office to write after my shift ended so I don’t have the gap between leaving work and getting home. I CAN write in the evening, but it is always a struggle and never my best work. I’m also lucky that I have a 55 min train journey each day, so providing I get a seat I can usually add to my volume then. Today is my only annual leave day, so hoping to approach the finish line.

  2. ❤️Marie Long❤️ (@marielongauthor)

    I am not a morning person, and there’s no way I can get up so early and expect to think clearly to write. But I understand that many people need to write early because they have tons of family obligations and whatnot. I do agree that the sooner you get the minimum wordcount done each day, the less stressful your day will be because you will have that task hanging over your head until you do it.

    This was a really interesting infographic about the breakdown of NaNoWriMo stats.


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