Reading with Kobo just got more rewarding. Rakuten Kobo has now introduced Kobo Super Points, a new loyalty program designed to celebrate the love of reading. Kobo customers instantly earn points with every eBook and magazine purchase they make online or with Kobo’s free reading app, which can be redeemed from a catalogue of more than one million titles across a variety of genres. The program is currently available in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Earning points is easy!  Customers automatically begin receiving Super Points when they sign in to their Kobo account and make a purchase. Their points balance, which is part of their personal profile, can be monitored through the new Kobo Super Points dashboard. To kick off the launch, Kobo is rewarding each of its top 25,000 readers with 2,500 Super Points, starting them off with enough points to claim their first gift. Customers can access the Kobo Super Points member page at www.kobo.com/kobosuperpoints.

“While we’re constantly looking for ways to amplify the reading experience, we also remain focused on how we can delight our new and existing customers,” said Michael Tamblyn, President, Rakuten Kobo Inc. “The Kobo Super Points program is our way of acknowledging loyal readers for doing what they love most, and we look forward to thanking our customers by rewarding them with the content they enjoy.”


Free Membership

The Free Member offering allows readers to earn 100 Kobo Super Points for every $10 spent on eBooks and magazines, and points can be redeemed once 2,400 have been earned. For faster accumulation, the program offers extra points on Kobo’s Bonus Days, and also offers the option to upgrade to a VIP Membership for either $10 or 4,000 Super Points per year.

VIP Membership

For a $10 annual fee, VIP Members earn double the points per purchase, and gain access to an array of exciting discounts and offerings. Benefits include a discount of 10 per cent off an exclusive list of more than one million titles every day, getting an additional 10 per cent off select Kobo promotions, and receiving one free eBook of their choosing every year.

“Beginning today, every Kobo customer can enjoy the perks of immediate Super Points and will be able to redeem them as quickly as they are earned,” continued Tamblyn. “While receiving Super Points as a Free Member is automatic, passionate readers who choose to upgrade to a Kobo VIP Membership will amplify their earning rate – often at a discounted price – and will be able to get their hands on their next read that much faster.”

Reading enthusiasts worldwide are encouraged to visit www.kobo.com for all of their eReading essentials. A one-stop shop for the latest eBooks, magazines, eReaders and accessories, customers can also receive reading recommendations, purchase Kobo gift cards, and learn the benefits of reading anywhere on any device with the free Kobo app.

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