While every author has heard the age old advice that it’s important to have a professional looking and beautiful cover that appeals to the book’s target audience, not as much attention has been paid to the blurb, description or “sales copy” that helps inspire the potential reader to click that all important BUY button.

This interview with Bryan Cohen, author of the Ted Saves the World series, podcast host and man for all seasons includes an in-depth look at the importance of a strong and solid blurb. Also included are two different amazing prizes for writers.


Bryan and friends

Bryan Cohen featured front and center in this March 2015 picture taken at the PubSense Summit in Charleston, SC. Left to right, Ferol Vernon (Freebooksy), Mark Lefebvre (Kobo), Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn), Bryan Cohen, Jim Kukral (Author Marketing Institute), Ricci Wolman (Freebooksy)

Bryan is interviewed by Kobo Writing Life Director Mark Lefebvre. In the interview, Bryan and Mark discuss:


  • The great work that Bryan and Jim Kukral do putting together the SELL MORE BOOKS SHOW podcast and how that keeps Bryan on top of things for his own writing
  • The non-fiction works that Bryan has written to help prompt writers to get started, which include the first one that Bryan wrote in 2010 (1000 Creative Writing Prompts), and how these books are still often among his best-selling titles
  • How, if Bryan himself is ever stuck doing his own fiction writing, he can often turn to his own prompts
  • Bryan’s site Build-creative-writing-ideas.com which has about 700 articles and sees significant traffic on a daily basis
  • How writing something timeless will ensure its long term viability and sales
  • Bryan’s YA podcast co-hosted with Robert Scanlon about reading and writing called The Split
  • The work that Bryan does writing “sales copy” blurbs for writers (BEST PAGE FORWARD) — and how the demand for those services has recently exploded
  • How a solid writing blurb can work as effectively as a good cover at helping convert those looking at your book’s landing page into buyers
  • How Bryan is looking into also helping writers with drafting email campaigns for auto-responders, helping with Facebook ad copy, author bios and similar communications
  • The importance of priorities when it comes to maintaining a balanced life while producing as much content as Bryan produces
  • Knowing your own strengths and weakeness for performing different types of tasks at certain times of the day and what makes Bryan a fantastic husband (he may love his readers, but he loves his wife more)
  • How TED SAVES THE WORLD came from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and asking the question: “What if Giles and Buffy were the same person? (ie, combining the intelligence & wisdom with the power and ability)”
  • When Bryan, who used to do improv comedy, changed himself from a “panster” to a “plotter” while developing TED SAVES THE WORLD from a novella into a full novel and series. And the seeming contradiction in how Bryan often feels like he is “pantsing” in the discovery process of plotting out a novel.
  • The replacement of the original terrible cover and the local photo shoot with actor friends that helped Bryan to produce a well-branded and consistent series. http://robotbraindesign.com/
  • Bryan also shares his favourite advice for beginning writers


Mark then talks about some of the advice and examples regarding a strong professional product as gleaned from the interview and then provides further details about the aforementioned contests. (Links for the contests appear below)

Contest 1 — Win one of three carefully crafted book description services valued at $149 USD

Giveaway ends Sept 31, 2015. ENTER HERE

Contest 2 — $1000 Copywriting for Authors Giveaway

Giveaway Ends October 9, 2015 – ENTER HERE

Thanks for listening!


Bryan’s website

Bryan on Twitter


Bryan’s non-fiction writing on Kobo

Sell More Books Show Podcast


Bryan Cohen is the author of the Ted Saves the World YA sci-fi/fantasy series, and a collection of creative writing prompts books. He has written over 30 books, which have sold more than 30,000 copies. Bryan’s writing has appeared on over 100 blogs, including The Creative Penn, Helping Writers Become Authors, HughHowey.com and RachelleGardner.com. Bryan is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2013, Bryan appeared on an episode of the nationally televised “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” He did just fine.

Bryan lives with his wife and their Netflix account in Chicago.



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