Dear Romance Authors,

We’d like to start by thanking all of you for the outstanding response to the Romance Writing Life Competition.

We are truly impressed by both the quantity and the quality of the entries received. This makes our decisions more complex and the reviewing process remarkably longer than expected.

 We intended to announce the winners by August 28th. Unfortunately, as there have been so many incredible entries, we really want to give your hard work the time that it so richly deserves. Therefore, we will be unable to announce the winners by the end of August.

 In respect to all the time and effort you have devoted to this competition we wish to devote just as much time and thought in ensuring that we find the right winner.


So, what happens next?

We are currently in the process of shortlisting the finalists who will be notified the by September 20th.

We’ll then announce the winners by October 1st.

We are sorry that we are prolonging your wait but we feel this is the best action to ensure the winner is chosen fairly.


Thank you for your patience and good luck!

The Romance Writing Life Team


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