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Author Services: Exciting Development in the Works

Many of you have noticed a new “Author Services” tab popped up in your dashboard. This is a project we’ve been working towards for several years: offering a list of recommended professional services – cover design, editorial help, print on demand, and more – that we trust and believe offer good value for independent authors. When possible, we’ll negotiate a great discount so you’ll get more for your money.

For the moment, we’re in Phase 1 of the project: measuring your interest in each service, so we can prioritize which opportunities are most important to our authors. Please feel free to go and click on which service or opportunity you’d like to see us focus on first. Don’t see what you want? Choose “Tell Us More” and tell us all about it.

As we grow this section of the KWL platform, we’ll update the page with more details and links to professional service providers. One example that’s already live is “Get Reviews,” which highlights our ongoing partnership with Publishers Weekly.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.10.15 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-24 at 2.48.48 PMWe are excited to take this next step towards serving our wonderful author community. Stay tuned as the project develops!

6 Responses to “Author Services: Exciting Development in the Works”

  1. David

    I cannot get pdf to convert to epub so that photos are locked into the same block of text. Kindle says they offer pdf uploads but do not have the means to edit pdf for epub format without screwing it all up. Do You?
    How do I get .pages or pdf files into epub format without having photos deleted or randomly moved throughout the document?

    • Kobo Writing Life

      Hi, unfortunately Kobo Writing Life is not currently designed for PDFs. At the moment the focus is more on traditional ePub files rather than titles with enhanced content. You can upload your content file in any of the following formats and they will be converted into a Kobo formatted ePub:

      • DOC and DOCX
      • OPF
      • ePub
      • MOBI


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