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eRead Local: Help Support Local Independent Bookstores


Kobo is launching an exciting incentive program to reward local bookstores in the US and their customers for choosing to eRead Local. We’re inviting stores and booklovers to participate in a 100-day challenge from August 22 – November 29, 2015. Authors and readers, you are an essential part of this challenge, and we need your help to spread the word! So we wanted to share all of the important details here.

How eRead Local Works

For every new customer* that signs up for a Kobo account affiliated with a store, that bookstore will receive $5 USD.

Each of those new customers will also receive a $5 USD credit, to be used towards their first Kobo purchase.

Bookstores that acquire 100 or more new customers during this challenge will be entered to win a grand prize of a Kobo-sponsored event in their store, featuring a bestselling author.

Bookstores that acquire 50-99 new customers will be entered to win free Kobo eReader devices.

*New customers are defined as having a unique email address that has never registered for a Kobo account in the past.

How to set up a new Kobo account linked to a bookstore

Setting up an affiliated Kobo account is easy. There are a few options:

1) Buy a Kobo eReader from your local store. When you set up your Kobo account on that eReader, it will be linked to the store.

2) No eReader? No problem! You can set up a Kobo account and then use it to sign into our FREE Kobo app on any smartphone, tablet, or PC. To set up your affiliate account online, head to www.kobo.com/indieapp Search for your favorite local bookstore by zip code, and sign up.

3) OR, Go to your local bookstore’s website and register for a Kobo account via the link they provide.

How you can help

Did you know that when you upload your eBook to Kobo, it automatically becomes available on the virtual shelves of local bookstores across the US? eReal Local is the perfect opportunity to share the news that eBook lovers can still support their favorite store.

  • Spread the word on social media with #ereadlocal #indiesfirst @ABAbook @Kobo @kobowritinglife
  • Between August 22 and November 29, encourage readers to sign up for Kobo accounts via their favorite local, indie bookstore, and to buy their books that way. Stores receive a portion of every Kobo purchase that customers make.
  • Make sure your eBooks are all available on Kobo, and include your Kobo links on your website, newsletter, and across social media.
  • Help educate your fans about the importance of a diverse publishing marketplace, and tell them they can support local bookstores by buying eBooks through Kobo.





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  1. aalbc.com

    Is this problem solely limited to brick and mortar bookseller, or is it open in online-retailers as well?

    For anyone reading this interested in using this program to support an indie Black owned store here is a list of the few remaining ones in the US: http://aalbc.it/54left


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