KWL Director Mark Lefebvre interviews Nancy L. Baumann, CEO of Bookarma, a platform that allows authors to leverage the community in their social media endeavors. In the interview Mark and Nancy discuss:

  • How Bookarma, an international marketing platform, allows you to break beyond your own personal marketing network and allows you to reach further
  • The user friendly manner of creating an account, adding social media and importing books simply by entering the ISBN
  • How Bookarma came out of Nancy’s business as a non-fiction book coach as a way to help authors once their books were out in the market
  • The multiplier effect of authors supporting other authors by sharing one another’s efforts in reaching people through social media
  • How the author queue works in terms of authors finding appropriate content to share with their followers
  • The importance of book covers and how a bad cover doesn’t help a good book
  • The weekly webcasts that help authors with tips and suggestions on the best way to leverage Bookarma
  • The ability to filter your queue by genre as an author
  • The measurability that is built into the campaigns on Bookarma, such as the number of impressions and the number of clicks that another author made in the queue and then how many times the book was shared and the number of clickbacks that link received
  • How both traditionally published and self-published authors can use this tool
  • The price of Bookarma, which is $1.99 a month (or just under $24 a year)
  • The fact that there are authors from 42 different countries signed up for Bookarma
Nancy L. Baumann presenting at Frankfurt Book Fair

Nancy L. Baumann presenting at Frankfurt Book Fair

Mark then talks about the value of authors helping one another and how, as a bookseller for the past 20+ years he has paid attention to this in his own desire to help authors.

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Nancy L. Baumann, B.A., M.F.A.; English Faculty, Lindenwood University; Owner of Stonebrook Publishing; Architect of Bookarma.net; International Book Coach; Public Speaker; Author; Editor; Determined to “Change the World, One Reader at a Time

You can find her book on Kobo here.

Learn more about her on her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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