By Christine Munroe

Last month, thousands of romance writers and fans gathered in Dallas for the annual Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. I had the honor of joining them to speak about self-publishing with Kobo Writing Life, and Kobo’s partnerships with local bookstores and distribution to libraries.


RT’s epic Giant Book Fair.

RT Booklovers is an incredible and unique conference – it brings together authors, fans, bloggers, and industry professionals for six straight days of book-loving fun.

There is a jam-packed agenda of workshops offered in tracks including Self-pub/eBooks, Craft, Genre, Bookseller & Librarian, and more. Each night there’s a different themed event, organized by groups of authors and publishers. Did I mention there are also cover models wandering around everywhere?


The room keys for the convention hotel were amazing! Sponsored by Avon Romance.

What always strikes me as most wonderful about RT is how welcoming this community is, and how generous the authors are with their fans. Authors sponsor many of the convention’s events and give away awesome swag. Everywhere you go at RT, people are smiling, hugging, and enjoying the opportunity to connect – it kind of feels like summer camp for Romance readers and writers!

KWL US Manager Christine Munroe (right) with KWL author Liliana Hart, who generously sponsored RT's name badges.

KWL US Manager Christine Munroe (right) with KWL author Liliana Hart, who generously sponsored RT’s name badges.

As with any conference, my favorite part was meeting and chatting with KWL authors and Kobo readers. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic community.

If you’re a romance author hoping to connect with fans, or a reader looking to meet with some of the biggest names in the business, I highly recommend checking out RT Booklovers. Next year’s convention will take place in Las Vegas (!), April 12-17. Hope to see you there.



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