Do you make the most out of Kobo Writing Life’s platform when it comes to pricing your eBooks? Do your prices match the different markets where your books are available?

Here are a few tips to help optimizing your eBooks’ prices and sales:

Define the price of your eBook in all currencies

First set the price of your eBook in your currency, matching it to your market’s economics through some benchmarking.

Are you selling worldwide? If your books are available on all territories, the KWL platform will automatically convert the price in other currencies. You may notice that the converted price is not always a “X.99” price in other currencies. Meaning your price may be slightly higher or lower than other markets’ buying practices. This is not a problem as you have the ability to adapt the converted price very easily by entering a new price for each currency.

Setting your prices in each currency to match the reader’s buying habits is an easy way to correctly price your eBooks and thus to optimize your sales.

Pricing Tool Schedule your promo price at any time in any currency

You can decide to change your eBook’s price for a promotional price any time in your KWL account. You can do this for any published title by setting the promo period and the price in the pricing tool, section “Set promo price”.

The promo price can be set for your market or for other countries as well. When setting a worldwide promo price, the tool works the same as for the regular price. The price gets converted in all currencies and you can then adapt the conversion as you wish to meet each market’s economics.

Pricing Tool 2

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