Kobo Writing Life Director Mark Lefebvre interviews Kristine Kathryn Rusch, an award-winning writer of science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance at a table at the corner of a busy and noisy lobby at Superstars Writing Seminars.

Apart from her decades of writing and editing experience which includes being published in 14 different countries in 13 languages, Rusch co-runs a publishing business (WMG Publishing) with her partner Dean Wesley Smith and provides authors invaluable insights about writing and publishing through her popular blog series: The Business Rusch.


During the conversation, Mark and Kris talk about:      

  • Her recent book, Discoverability and how it was derived from about 6 months’ worth of blog posts outlining a bit about the history of publishing and how it relates to where we are today
  • A disclaimer that, unless you’ve already published about 10 books, you aren’t likely to be able to use the advice from this book
  • The Business Rusch, the blog in which Rusch provides valuable insights that many smart writers ensure they read every week
  • Rusch has been a professional writer since she was sixteen years old and wrote an article for the local newspaper (insert appropriate and in-appropriate age jokes and laughing here)
  • How Rusch and author Kevin J. Anderson met while in college as like-minded writers with similar goals and how that social group expanded into relationships they’ve both had with writer friends ever since
  • How much Rusch gives back to the writing community and why she feels it’s important to pay it forward to other writers the way that she was provided help, insights and support from writers who took the time to help her
  • The selfish reason why Rusch gives back – because she’s an avid reader and wants more great books to read
  • The biggest pitfall that writers fall into – that they don’t know enough about the business of writing
  • The reason why Rusch stopped editing full-time – how living in that critical space can affect your writing style and writing brain
  • The concept of “reader cookies” – a term that Rusch learned from editor Gardner Dozois – as well as “anti-cookies” and how that can affect an editor
  • Rusch’s love of “secret identity” stories
  • The various different pseudonyms that Rusch has written under in various styles and genres, including Kristine Grayson, Kris Nelscott, and Kristine Dexter
  • How Rusch puts up a free short story on her blog every Monday that people can check out with no strings attached
  • Rusch’s statement of advice to beginning writers     

Kris, Eric Flint and James A. Owen on a panel at 2015 Superstars Writing Seminars

After the interview, Mark then talks a bit more about the books for writers that Rusch has written and shares a personal experience about how reading the book Deal Breakers helped him in a very significant way when he was negotiating a contract for one of his most recent books, Tomes of Terror.


Past Crime (Fiction River) – Special Exclusive Kobo Edition (edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Kris Writes (Website)

Rusch’s book: Discoverability

Rusch’s book: Deal Breakers: Contract Terms Writers Should Avoid

The Business Rusch


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