Take a look at the following book covers and ask the question:  What do these ten books have in common?














Coming Out








The answer:

They are ten of the most completed books from all of the better selling titles published through Kobo Writing Life.


Based on analysis of reading activity for these titles, these books count among the most “completed” books, with a completion percentage of over 80%.  This means that 80% or more of readers who opened these books completed them. Sometimes, to an author, knowing that your book has engaged its readers can be even more satisfying than hitting a best-seller list. Because catching an audience’s attention and keeping it throughout the entire book is, indeed, a most powerful kind of magical interaction.

And after all, isn’t a “best read” list much more important than a “best seller” list anyway? Particularly when recent reports from Kobo illustrate that bestselling titles aren’t necessarily the best read, with several of the hottest selling titles revealing completion rates of as low as 28% or 44%.

We suppose if your only goal as a writer is to earn money, the best-seller charts based on unit sales typically lead to a higher income and are far more important. And it’s certainly desirable to hit almost any bestseller list anyway. But we know that one of the motivations for a writer isn’t just earning a living, it’s growing a fan base and knowing that the words they have crafted together to create unique characters, situations and worlds are actually capturing a reader’s imagination to such a degree that they can’t put the book down.

We figure that a great way to get 2015 off to a good start is by celebrating authors who have achieved something truly stunning: Powerful reader engagement.

Please join us in congratulating these ten amazing authors who have already broken through and established something that even the books that regularly grace the big bestseller lists don’t necessarily achieve.

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